Château Lafon-Rochet, Blue Clay Terroir on the left Bank

May 2017 - Estates

With 1,400 hectares of vineyards, the SaintEstèphe appellation only has five “Crus Classés” of which Château Lafon-Rochet is one. However, this property is particularly keen to keep its place on another prize list – that of the hearts of wine lovers where it ranks once again at the top thanks to the work of Michel Tesseron and, subsequently, of his son, Basile. On a daily basis they strive to understand the particularities of these Médoc soils – principally gravel on blue clay – and to observe the effects of the influential oceanic climate of Saint-Estèphe on the banks of the estuary in order to adapt human and technical input to its best. In other words, to conjure up the best … Continue reading Château Lafon-Rochet, Blue Clay Terroir on the left Bank

Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste : vibrant and immutable

May 2017 - Estates

Its wines feature in the tasting notes of all the specialist guides and publications. But you have to go back to 2013 and a small review in *Le Point if you want to read a press article about François-Xavier Borie and his property, Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste. Let’s just say that instant fame built around much-hyped sunny vintages is not for this discreet property. In terms of quality, consistency is key, vintage after vintage for over 30 years. Far from shutting off this property in a form of blind conservatism, this ultimate quest for regularity and continuity in all areas is, on the contrary, its principal asset. A privileged meeting at the Château enlightened us on the subject. In local patois, “Grand-Puy”, … Continue reading Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste : vibrant and immutable